About Me

Who I Am

I am Reagan Miller!  I've been reading since the 4th grade and I'm now a full blown book addict!
I have chickens, a duck, my dog (Indy), and my cat (Misha) who can been seen on my Instagram at times.

I am also a big sister, a manager, an undiscovered author, and a semi-otaku.

Along with my love for books, I also love chocolate, sweets, baking, coffee, cheering, dancing, laughing, and making jokes, Hot Topic, groccery shopping, more chocolate, and more coffee.

I really love chocolate…oh, and coffee…and books.  I love books too.

How I Started

In the dreary afternoon of December in the year of 2014…no, I’m serious.  It was a dreary afternoon in December of 2014 that I decided to start my Instagram account for my love of books.  I already had an account for cooking for a while now so I thought why not make one for my love of books as well? 

I had read plenty of books that summer and I had plenty more books to read and share.

I posted my first picture that day.

And that’s how @reading_teen was created.

Yeah…I didn’t start getting creative with my name until May.

Which brings me to when I started my BookTube channel...yeah there is more than just social media advice on my channel!

My Mom brought this idea up to me at the end of April/early May in 2015.  She said I should start a YouTube channel.

My mother is a very intelligent woman.  She’s always learning new stuff of on social networking and how to grow your business and stuff.  And I was lucky enough to have her help me.

I agreed with her and said that when I reached 400 followers on my Instagram that I would start my channel.

Then one day, I had my laptop set up, my hair and makeup was done, and I had my phone in hand......And then my followers reached 400.

I clicked the record button that minute and my first video was posted not long after.

Soon, I changed my Instagram name over to @hardbacks.and.bookmarks to match with my YouTube channel.

Next came Twitter around the September/October time frame of 2015.

Then my website!


Why I Started

Now I wouldn’t have gone through creating all of these accounts with my name for the sole purpose to share my love of books if I really had a passion for gardening?

Well, you’re wrong!  I love to garden!!!

I'm lying...I cannot garden to save my life!  It’s one of the traits my Mom and I share.  We can keep plants alive ONLY if we don’t touch them.

BACK to the reason of why I started this journey....

I started Hardbacks and Bookmarks to share my love and passion for books, to connect with people who love books, and to help them grow their social impact!

And it has been the greatest and biggest and bestest decision of my life so far.
I have met so many great people through this than I ever would have expected.
@lifethroughbooks has been my friend since almost the beginning.  Along with

And so many, many more amazing people!  I’ve had some of my favorite authors follow me and like my pictures and some have even commented on them...perhaps they will be clients in my near future (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)!
And now I hope to share my love with you as well and I hope to help grow our fantastic book community even more!